TurtleGates – Portable Crowd Control Barriers

Unlike conventional barricades, TurtleGates are stand-alone, highly portable and retractable crowd control barriers. All our models interlock to extend the perimeter of your safety barricades to keep more people safe. Our pedestrian barricades are made of high-quality aluminum. They are sturdy, yet lightweight. The powder coat finish (available in five standard and also custom colors) will not rust, peel or crack. They will look great for years to come.

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Temporary Barricades that Don’t Feel “Temporary”

Our aluminum barricades may be for temporary uses, but they don’t feel “temporary”. That’s because they’re made of high-quality materials. Depending on which model of metal accordion gate you’re using, that could mean aluminum alloy or steel. Our gate manufacturer has 150 patents and holds ISO9001:2001 certification. We worked with their engineers to build a gate design that would be light, portable, retractable, and durable. So, even though you may be using them as temporary barricades for one event, you can use them over and over again for other events and uses.



What Makes Our Pedestrian Safety Barriers Stand Out from the Crowd?

The answer is in the features. They are adjustable, and can retract to longer lengths (up to 6’6”) if you need it. The pedestrian safety barriers also easily interlock with each other. So, they will protect pedestrians in a larger space, as well. The durable rubber wheels ensure that one person can rapidly deploy a single metal accordion gate quickly. The wheels will not scratch floor surfaces, so they are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. The aluminum barricades, such as our metro series, are 40” tall, while our security gates are 5’ or 6’ tall. The differing heights allow you to protect pedestrians in many situations. Our solar powered temporary crowd control barriers take outdoor use to the next level by providing cheap lighting for night use. If you want to know how TurtleGates features can help with your crowd control issues, use the get a quote form to send us information on your situation and we will reply with a suitable quote.

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Our Retractable Crowd Control Barriers Product Line is Suitable for Many Uses

All of our retractable crowd control barriers can be easily moved and set up, but each model can be used for different applications depending on your needs. For instance our solar-powered Metro Series pedestrian barricades flash at night for those times when you need the public to see them after daylight. However, our temporary crowd control barriers have been used in many places. Our design allows only two workers to secure a long area in only a couple of minutes. This means that rushes created by large crowds departing from events can easily be corralled and those pedestrians kept safe. The Municipal Series crowd control barricades have been used in many places. Around pools and spas, they’ve helped keep people away from the water when there are no guards around or after operational hours. In hotels, they’ve kept crowds away during construction and event set up. For conventions and events, they control crowd flow and access to areas where they are not allowed. They can be used in universities, sports stadiums, waterparks, zoos, municipalities,and light rail stations. Check out our entire product line to see which model will work for you.

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