About Our Portable Crowd Control Barriers

TurtleGates was founded by Craig Winton to address an unmet need in the crowd control marketplace: to provide sturdy, portable crowd control barriers that facilities managers and security personnel would find superior to anything currently available. These barricades also had to be designed to accommodate variable perimeter lengths while being easy to store when not in use. The products in the U.S. at the time didn’t fit these requirements. His search led him to China. It was there he met Hongmen Advanced Technology Corporation, one of China’s largest gate manufacturers. They have over 2,000 employees including 30 engineers, and they hold 150 patents and have ISO9001:2001 certification.

Working with their team of engineers and product development personnel, gate prototypes were designed, tested in the US market, and modified based on customer feedback. Today there are six different styles of portable crowd control barriers with four different heights and multiple finishes. TurtleGates has a commitment and passion for ongoing development of new gate features and designs. We constantly seek out new market sectors for our products. If you’re interested in seeing if our portable crowd control barricades fit your needs, contact us.

Our gates solve both indoor and outdoor crowd control issues for our customers. In just a short time, TurtleGates has built a customer base that includes universities, coliseums, sports stadiums, resorts, boardwalks, zoos and local municipalities. Our customers reside across the U.S., the U.K. and Asia. TurtleGates products are also available in New Brunswick, Canada, Mexico, Brisbane, Australia and the Bahamas. Our distributors in Europe also cover parts of the Middle East. For more information on our product line of portable crowd control barriers, please either email us with your questions, request a quote, request a TurtleGates product brochure, or check out our video links.

Thank you for your interest!

Craig Winton,
TurtleGates USA