TurtleGates are a new system to the OFF-DHORE DRILLING RIG’S. We have been around for 8 years, selling our gates, both folding ( 8’ open and 2’ closed aluminum) and a ridged one ( a fixed aluminum 7’ GATE ) to Zoos, Police, Public-Spaces, University’s, Schools, Warehouses or for SAFTEY. Note: the folding-gate has wheels on the bottom of it for mobility and easy storge of the GATES.

But we weren’t always involved in the OFF-SHORE DRILLING SYTEM. Now we are involved now and If you don’t want a ‘off-shore fire’ or ‘employee problem’ to close you down until it its sorted out, call us to see you and what you need.

Oil Rig
Oil Rig

TurtleGates are a unique way to cordon off an area on the main drill platform, and with it’s feet that are made of durable plastic with strong ‘magnets’ installed in the bottom of each foot to clamp them down on the deck, they also rotate all the way around to save you on space, for drilling platforms that aren’t metal or are made of aluminum straps are then used.

The GATES are made of a strong and lightweight aluminum and are very light to move on or off site. They  all have ‘magnets’ built-in the feet to hold them down for you even if heavy winds are present. They all lock in place with snaps-on the ends which go onto the straps, so they are very easy to use for all of your employees.

Note: the magnetic feet are only installed on the ‘fixed style gates’, the other folding gates have wheels on them.

They are inexpensive and we feel that: ( 8 ) GATE’S would be enough to secure the DRILLING area or any other area that you may want to have secure. The area would be a 16’’ x 16’ area that you are drilling in. They all can come with SIGNAGE so that people know how dangerous an area can be. Either for FIRE of PUBLIC SAFTEY, its academic to TURTLEGATES.

If you want or need privacy each GATE can come with a Snap-on vinyl cover that we can print-on it for you if needed. Both side’s can be painted for you.

Send us a photo of your DRILLING RIG or a drawing of it that you use, and where you feel that the GATES are to be used and we will give you opinion on them for you and how you are using them.