Choose From our Models of Pedestrian Barricades

TurtleGates sells pedestrian barricades which help alleviate crowd control issues for many companies including universities, coliseums, sports stadiums, resorts, boardwalks, zoos and local municipalities. These companies choose our products because they are light-weight, durable, and can be easily set up, even by one person! We have many varieties of metal accordion gate to choose from. Check out the different models below or tell us about your needs on the get a quote form and we will recommend one for you.

Metro Series Non-Solar

These pedestrian barricades come in two types: solar and non-solar powered. This non-solar version is a good fit for your crowd control needs in any metro area.

Metro Series Solar

The Metro Series Solar version makes a great addition to our lineup of pedestrian barricades because they give you the option to employ cost-effective security lighting, as well as crowd control.

Municipal Series Flat Strap

These pedestrian barricades are one of our most versatile brands, because they come in heights ranging from 40 inches to 6 ft.

Turtleguard Railing System

Our TurtleGuard Railing System may look like a typical crowd control barrier, but they are far superior. With a lighter weight, better material, and the ability to add custom slip-covers, you’ll want to choose these over standard pedestrian barricades from other companies.

Municipal Series Tubular

These aluminum barricades only come in one height (5 ft), but have all the standard features such as adjustable length, super-sturdy construction, and the ability to interlock with other barricades.

East Verve

This model of metal accordion gate has a tough looking design (with colors in black on black, or black and gold) and comes in heights of 5 to 6 ft.


Our Sentry pedestrian barricades come in a slightly smaller height (40”) and weight (50lbs.) for those times when you need something that gives a visual indicator of “stay out”.

Centurion Bike Rack

This model is the only one not made of aluminum. Instead it is made of steel for a sturdier construction. It is also one of our most cost-effective temporary barricades, and is offered in bulk.

Retail Motorized Gates

Made of acrylic glass and stainless steel, it can easily be placed outside as well as inside. It uses 120v electricity and they are installed in cement for added security. It provides superior crowd control in those areas where you need something more than just a physical barrier.

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