Trains, Buses, and Subways Use our Pedestrian Safety Barriers

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Trains and subways are integral to the public transit system, they cannot afford stoppages or slowdowns. When there is an accident, they must shut down until a full investigation is done. In order to assist the metro system with these public safety issues, TurtleGates was born. 

Our simple and effective design can help control when people cross a busy platform such as a light rail line or a bus stop. We first built and tested our pedestrian safety barriers for use in Los Angeles at the main train station during and after university games. These “metro” models were developed to a point where a long area could be secured in just over a minute by only two people. This gate has saved the city money in labor and accident costs. In the UK, our gates are used at the Bond street subway station with the same success. 

Let us help you with your crowd control problems. We have numerous models and different heights you can choose from. All our aluminum gates are made to exact standards and are strong yet light. We then powder coat them for a durable finish. We even have a solar version that flashes at night, if you have the need. These metro models also come with plastic panels on the side, which you can modify for your needs. 

Check out our video page to see how they can help you. We will be happy to work with your designers or architects to find the perfect gate for your use. Contact us with our get a quote form to get started.

Specifications for the Metro Series:

English: 3ft 4in (H) x 2ft (W) x 6ft 9in (L)

Metric: 1m (H) x .63m (W) x 2m (L)

Weight: 70lbs. Metric: 32kg

Metal: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel crown

Solar Option: Lithium cell, LED lighting, customized name and logo on panels


These gates are solar powered Metros in use at the USC and MTA train station, they come on automatically and blink for 7 hrs, then turn off. The next day they are kept outside to re-charge. These windows on each side are cut by machine to say “stand clear,” you can customize them to say whatever the venue desires.