SIGNAGE is also very important thing for you to have on your SIGNS, telling people where to walk and where not-too. They are all important to have. All of our SIGNS use 2 x 5/16” metal screws on the SIGNAGE.

Two is all you will need however some universal areas need SIGNAGE on both sides, for that you can put 2 SIGNS on each GATE if necessary.

You may also want to have a GATE on other areas just tell us where they go and what SIGNAGE to have on them for you and also if they are to have a COVER on them. ( lightweight made out of vinyl-cloth cloth)

They are approved by OSHA so they are legal for you to use as well. Just tell us the color: black , red, white , or whatever color that you may need, all the plastic-feet are black in color.

Don’t wait, do it for all your GATES today. Almost all insurance companies have a ‘deduction’ for SIGNS and for SIGNAGE, that show EMPLOYEE’S what not to do, and to do, long as they know about it, shouldn’t you have them as well for all of your needs?

  • 1,000mm x 500mm = $37/pc
  • 1,000mm x 600mm = $40/pc
  • 1,000mm x 800mm = $58/pc

Choose your SIGNAGE for your GATE

  • Wet Floor
  • Do Not Enter Area
  • No Person is Available

TURTLEGATES are a unique form of communicating, now they can “talk to people” as well. Many times people always ask ‘what do you do in an area?’ The answer is almost anything you can think of.

Our people can put any message onto a sign for you be it small, medium, or large.

One can be used for a multitude of things that will help you keep an area free from people if you need it to be.

Once they are done they can be screwed on at the GATE and used to tell people what they can and cant do in an area. This stops confusion and also helps the GATES to be more informative for you.

Afterwards ask our sale force to show you the SIGNAGE prior to you installing them for you on you SIGN. It easier for you to install the SIGNAGE once you have them delivered due to breakage or bending of the SIGN.

This is only one way to have your work area clean and safe!