Protect Your Swimming Pool Area with Our Temporary Crowd Control Barriers

There are many times we wish we had better security for our pools and spas. Large or small, there is always a need for public security and safety after hours when there security personnel on-site. Now there is a way to keep pools, spas and other water features safe during those times. Now there is a way using our temporary crowd control barriers. 

We have many different designs that could fit your needs. Our gates range in heights from 40” to 6’, and come in a variety of colors. Each model of metal accordion gate is retractable, so you may only need one for your purposes. However, they also interlock to form larger crowd control perimeters, if that’s your need. They’re also more cost-effective if you order multiple, and have many other uses including public safety for events and around construction or remodeling. 

Our different styles of metal accordion gate are all made from high-quality aluminum with a powder-coated finish. Both of these attributes make them suitable for humid or wet conditions. So they are ideal for use around pools, spas, resorts, or outdoor restaurants or clubs. They also have rubber wheels which make them easy to deploy. When you’re ready to set them in place, the wheels lock for extra security. 

Tell us about your public safety needs around your pool or spa area with our get a quote form. We’ll be happy to help you choose the product that is right for you.